What does Innovation mean at Eltopia?

Eltopia doesn’t just preach innovation, we do it. We build products that speak for themselves. Like communications products that are as powerful as they are flexible and affordable or new technologies for the world’s oldest industry, agriculture. The soul of these products are their engineers and the people who support them. At Eltopia, every effort is made to value substance over appearance and common sense over convention.

Innovation Initiatives

Helping Save Honey Bees+

Helping Save Honey Bees

Agriculture, Innovation
Optimizing Irrigation+

Optimizing Irrigation

Agriculture, Innovation
Eltopia Innovation Space+

Eltopia Innovation Space

Innovation, Prototyping
Precision Weather Monitoring+

Precision Weather Monitoring

Agriculture, Innovation


“Will MacHugh, Richard de Leon and the rest of the crew at Eltopia are inspired and super creative.  I talk to Will about the science of honey bees and parasitic mites and he rubs his forehead for awhile, digesting what I am saying, then suggests an experiment or approach that no one else in the world has considered.  He then turns to Richard and asks him to invent some electronic apparatus to test the idea, and voila, here we are testing the MiteNot idea.”

Marla Spivak

University of Minnesota

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