About Us

Eltopia believes in finding solutions that are responsible, renewable and made with great craftsmanship.  Eltopia’s core business is communications with a focus on agriculture and a passion for innovation.  Products include cellular plans for robots (machine-to-machine), commercial phone services, rural Internet and prototyping. Eltopia is also innovating to help save the honeybees, optimize irrigation and monitor weather.

Eltopia's History

Eltopia.com started 2002 in Eltopia, Washington providing internet services to farmers in Franklin County. The company Eltopia Communications was started in 2005 and is now the largest wholesale dial-up provider of services in the Northwest and includes Earthlink, NetZero and virtually all regional Internet Service Providers.

In the fall of 2010, the management of the companies decided that focusing on the lucrative telecommunications market. Eltopia sold the rural internet services business to focus resources on machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, precision agriculture, and developing voice services for wholesale consumers of telephony products. Those include conference calling companies, calling card companies, answering services, call centers, and retail services such as Vonage.

Today, the company is expanding to become a player in the Internet of Things. In 2014 Eltopia acquired a mobile communications company. This acquisition is expected to receive final FCC approval in early February. Eltopia Mobile will provide M2M data services to external clients as well as supporting data transmission in the company’s precision agriculture products. The company is also making its own vertical entry into the M2M space with Eltopia Ag and Eltopia’s bee technologies.

Our leaders

Will MacHugh, Co-Founder

will.grayWill MacHugh is founder and president of Eltopia’s communications and technology companies. He has a successful track record leading the engineering and commercialization of communications technologies. Will is responsible for Eltopia’s business strategy, as well as leading product development and technology strategy for the company and its subsidiaries. Will began Eltopia.com in 2002, offering dial-up internet to underserved areas of rural Washington State. He quickly grew the company from 100 local subscribers to become one of the largest wholesale dial-up provider of services in the Pacific Northwest. 2013 marked Will’s entry into the Internet of Things when began to explore how the rapid hardware engineering combined with wireless communications could not only increase profits for his family’s cherry farm but also help farmers as stewards of the land and environment. Will serves as technology and strategy lead for, Eltopia Mobile, a wireless company established in 2014 with a mission of driving Internet of Things innovation by making machine-to-machine (M2M) communications available to inventors and small businesses.

Aaron Seelye, Co-Founder

aaron.grayAaron has been with Eltopia.com and Eltopia Communications since the inception of both companies, performing nearly every role at one point or another.  From network design, rollout, and integration, he tends to stick to infrastructural realms rather than regulatory matters.  However, as is the case of nearly everyone at Eltopia, he’ll step in and perform whatever need is required.  His current work relates to the current rollout of our wireless networks, designing the networks to function as a single cohesive unit and be ready to handle whatever capacities we throw at it.  In addition, he oversees the legacy operations of Eltopia.com’s retail base, as well as the function and continued rollout of new services in Eltopia Communications’ wireline operations.

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